Sports Court Cleaning in Devon

Sports Court Cleaning in Devon

We offer the very best sports court cleaning across the UK. If you are looking for details on costs, please complete our enquiry form now.

Tennis Court Cleaning in Devon

Tennis Court Cleaning in Devon

Tennis court cleaning is one of the most popular sports facility cleans we carry out. Please complete our enquiry form if you would like a free quote today.

Sports Facility Cleaning Services in Devon

Sports Facility Cleaning Services in Devon

If you are looking for a company to carry out sports facility cleaning services, make sure to contact us today and we will offer you a fantastic price!

Sports Court Cleaning in Devon

Our team can carry out sports court cleaning in Devon EX15 3 to make sure your facility remains in great condition each year.

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It is important to know that one of the most important things when it comes to maintaining your sports facility is keeping the surface clean.If you leave moss and algae to build up, the surfacing can become slippery, dangerous and unusable.

After thoroughly cleaning the sports surfacing with our specialist cleaning agents, we then provide a chemical treatment to remove moss and algae from the surfacing. The specialist fungicidal wash is recommended to help prevent contaminants reappearing.

It is more cost effective to get the facility cleaned each year rather than letting dirt build up and having to do a more serious clean every few years.

Leaving dirt on the surface can also lead to more serious problems, as you will not be able to see the condition of the surfacing beneath the dirt and so you may not realise cracking in the flooring.

Leaving cracks can cause them to get worse and may result in a full resurface being needed (; therefore, we recommend washing your surfacing annually to ensure the surfacing is maintained well.

If you would like to get in touch regarding an annual sports court cleaning programme, please complete our contact form today.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis courts are one of the most common facilities we offer our specialist pressure washing services to. Our team are experts when it comes to tennis court cleaning in Devon EX15 3 and can completely transform your surface with our top quality equipment and products.

Tennis Court Cleaning Cost

The tennis court cleaning cost can vary depending on a number of different factors. Some factors that can cause costs to change include:

  • The area size of the surface
  • The access – if access is extremely difficult more work may be needed to get to the area and so the job could take longer
  • The extent of the dirt and contaminants on the facility
  • Whether you are having any other works – in some cases we can offer discounts on pressure washing if you are having other services like painting carried out too

If you would like to discuss the cost of washing your tennis facility in more detail, please fill in our contact form today and one of our local team members will get back to you with a cost.

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We are able to provide a quote remotely, which saves you a lot of time and allows you to see if this is cost effective for you without too much trouble!

Cleaning Tennis Court Surface

Cleaning a tennis court surface might seem pretty simple, but it is recommended to get a professional to carry out the works. We pressure wash tennis courts across the UK at affordable prices to create a surface that looks like new.

The reason we would recommend getting a professional to carry out the works is because if pressure washing the surfacing yourself you may find that bits of dirt get missed.

This can be quite bad if you are thinking about getting the surfacing painted too, as paint will stick to the dirt rather than the surface meaning when the dirt is brushed away parts of the surface will not be painted. Find out more about painting sport surfaces here -

How to Clean a Tennis Court

If you want to know how to clean a tennis court, here’s what us professionals do:

  1. Brush the area to remove loose dirt
  2. Pressure wash the surfacing with our professional tools and specialist products
  3. Apply a moss and algae treatment to remove contamination

After cleansing the surfacing, we would recommend the installation of anti slip paint to help improve the overall look and play of the facility and improve slip resistance. However, some people prefer not to have the paint. If you would like more information on any of our services, please fill out our contact box today.

Removing Moss from Tennis Courts

Removing moss from tennis courts is extremely important to ensure the players can enjoy tennis safely. Find out more about the importance of cleaning courts here:

If there is a lot of moss on the court the surface could become slippery and the players may fall.

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If you would like to get a quote for removing moss from your tennis court, please complete the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Netball Court Cleaning in Devon

Our nearby team also offer netball court cleaning for schools, sports clubs, leisure centres along with residential properties. If your netball facility is looking dirty or has become contaminated with moss and algae, you will definitely want to speak to our team.

We offer great prices for pressure washing netball courts and their surrounding areas and can restore the surfacing effectively. We have plenty of experience and only make use of premium products to ensure you receive the very best service.

Basketball Court Cleaning Near Me

Just like tennis and netball facilities, we can also offer basketball courts cleaning in Devon EX15 3 and many more sports facility maintenance services. With any sport, including basketball, it is important the surface is kept clean in order to ensure safety throughout the game.

Schools, sports clubs and leisure centres in particularly should get their courts cleaned regularly. It can be quite dangerous if there is moss and algae on the surface, as children could slip and hurt themselves whilst playing. This is why we express the importance of pressure washing.

“We found the whole experience to be overwhelmingly positive. The product is outstanding and the service was highly professional.”

Sport Facility Cleaning Services

Our team ( carry out a range of sport facility cleaning services in Devon EX15 3 at great prices. If you are interested in a quotation for pressure washing your surface, please complete our enquiry form today.

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We can offer a quote simply and easily online for sports court cleaning. Just send over some photos of your facility and the postcode and we can get a price sent over to you in no time.

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